Rome European Heritage Days 2016

Posted 26.08.16 by Leigh


Date(s): 24.09.16 - 25.09.16. Venue: Throughout Rome, Italy.

If you are in Rome during the 24th and/or 25th September you should take note that it is Rome European Heritage Days 2016 for these two days. This means that many of the state-owned historical sites and tourist attractions are free to visitors. Some of the Eternal City's most famous sights are included in the scheme, such as the Colosseum, Capitoline Museums and Borghese Gallery. Other special events will also take place around the city revolving around books, film, theater and music. The events are a part of European Heritage Days, which was launched by the European Council in 1991 to promote European art and culture. If you wish to visit any of the sites or events, you should also bear in mind that there will probably be long queues. Follow European Heritage Days 2016 on Facebook ( and Twitter too (

This is an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the artistic heritage of the capital for free!

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