CoBrA Exhibition In Rome

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Dates: 04.12.15 - 03.04.16. Address: Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Cipolla, Via del Corso 320, 00186 Rome, Italy.

The CoBrA movement is considered by many modern art aficionados to be the final great period of European Avant-Garde. The name was coined in 1948 by Christian Dotremont and is an acronym of the first few letters of the founding members' home cities: Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br) and Amsterdam (A). CoBrA was formed in Café Notre-Dame, Paris on the 8th November 1948 by Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Christian Dotremont, Asger Jorn, and Joseph Noiret, all of whom shared an interest in Marxism and modernism. The movement spread quickly across Europe, but unfortunately it abruptly dismantled in 1951. However, its influences can thankfully still be seen in many of today's contemporary art movements. For the first time in Rome, in collaboration with the DIE GALERIE in Frankfurt, an exhibition has been dedicated to the CoBrA movement. Entitled 'CoBrA. A great European avant-garde (1948-1951)' the exhibition takes place at the Palazzo Cipolla until the 3rd April and the following has been taken from the exhibition's official website:

"A complete journey through the explosive art produced by the artists of the CoBrA movement, through an extraordinary collection of works created by its main members, who freed themselves from traditional models in favour of a completely new path illustrated by the exhilarating power of colour and the sophisticated naturalness of gesture."

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 11:00am to 8:00pm (closed on Mondays). Tickets: 10-12 Euros.

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